Six Months Pre TTC

   March is approaching, which means it will be six months until we start trying in September. My excitement is kind of dying down, I’m still excited and can’t wait, but I know we still have quite some time so I’ve slowed down a lot on research. Right now I’m focused on what we need to start doing to make sure that we will be able to be healthy and ready when we start trying to conceive. At this point I want to start taking prenatal vitamins, a lot of what I read says that you should start taking them when you start TTC, and a lot of what I read says that taking them at least six months before is a good idea. I feel like it’s better to be safe than sorry

   My husband is so excited to find out that we need to start having sex regularly. (TMI ALERT, skip this if you don’t want to know) Usually he makes it a point to make me orgasm first, he’s always been like that, so he is pretty excited that most of our sex will pretty much solely be on his orgasm. (END TMI) I want to start exercising regularly as well, my husband and I are working on getting a car with our tax return. I know I know, we don’t have a car and we’re talking about having a baby, we plan to get a get a car first and foremost. So once we get a car I want to start going to the gym we have on base, but for now I like to work out to some videos I have here at home and we try to take our dog on a long walk every night. Losing weight isn’t a huge deal to me, but making sure that I am healthy is a big deal for me. I know this sounds unrealistic, but I really don’t want to have to try for a long time, and I really want to be as healthy as I can so I can have a healthy baby, and be healthy for our baby. 

   We’ve made so many decisions already. I can’t stress enough how lucky I am that my husband is so supportive, I feel like such a hippy sometimes because of so many ideas I’ve had, and he gives me his opinion and we make decisions together, and most of the time he’s okay with it. He’s okay with cloth diapers, he’s okay with me wanting to encapsulate my placenta, he’s okay with me shoving vitamins down his throat so that he can have healthy spermies, haha, My point is that I’m so lucky that I have him. Even though I’ve wanted to be a mamma basically my entire life, and have been ready since the moment we got married, I never thought that I would be part of the crunchy world. I always knew I would make a great mom and wife, but I never thought that I would want to be such a natural mamma, and want to cloth diaper, make baby food, and breast feed for a long time. I want the best for our future baby, and I know that we will be able to provide that.

   So here we are, six months away, we definitely can’t wait, and even though it feels like it’s going to take forever, it will be here before we know it, 



Placenta Flavored??? Yum!!

I have heard many times in my life about eating placenta, yes it sounds gross, but since entering the crunchy world I’ve heard quite a lot about it. So much that I actually have been thinking about it. I know, gross, who would want to do that? But there are many different kids of ways to consume your placenta! To me the most practical way is to encapsulate it. I first learned about this from MamaNatural on YouTube, she has a great video of placenta encapsulating done by her doula. And even though she didn’t have a very good experience, from what I’ve heard it can be very beneficial. It can help with things like PPD, gives you an increase in energy, slow postpartum bleeding, helps with uterus contractions, and maybe even help with your complexion. Science hasn’t really confirmed any of this, and I’ve even seen an article that says they give a placebo effect, meaning that it’s all in your head. But there are a lot of vitamins in your placenta like B12.

You can turn it into a smoothie, you can make it like a roast, or you can encapsulate it. There are a lot of ways other than these, and if you’re thinking about it, do some research. I still am, and I’m pretty excited. I hope that it will provide these benefits. No judgement, but I plan to encapsulate it, and to me that is the most practical way, but I am a big texture person and any other way seems a little gross, again, no judgment. It’s like sushi, haha.

I’m very lucky that my husband works in a hospital and has been right in the middle of surgeries and quite a few c-sections, so he doesn’t mind helping me with cleaning it or anything. Which is nice, because as much as I am all for this, and I have a pretty strong stomach, it will be nice to have him to help me if I do get grossed out. He might think I’m a little nuts, and has quite possibly called me a hippy once or twice, especially after telling him I want to cloth diaper, but he is fully supportive of me wanting to be a crunchy mama, and I love it. I just keep reminding him that it will benefit the baby. I still want to do a lot of research on it, but I think I’m pretty sure that I will encapsulate my placenta. I actually kind of look forward to it, and I’m hoping that it really will be beneficial. I already have a kit picked out on Amazon, haha, yes I am nuts, okay. XP

So tell me, did you think about consuming your placenta? Did you eat your placenta? What is your opinion?

Until next time,