It’s been too long…

Hey everyone who is nice enough to fallow my blog!

  I’ve had a lot going on lately as far as ttc goes! We decided to start trying in March, my good friend had her baby, and after my husband seeing her and her hubby with a baby, he caught the fever, lol. As awesome and exciting as that is, I haven’t had a period since February, and can’t figure out why other than I have gained a little bit of weight.
   So we started going to the doctor last month, and are doing the medical process to make sure that we are both ok, and maybe get my period kick started. I’m both nervous and scared.

   We’re so ready to have a baby, I cry often thinking about how possible it is that we may never have children, what that could do to our marriage, what that could do to me. I’m so ready to be a mommy, word can’t even describe it, and even though we haven’t been trying for very long, I feel like it will never happen, and any effort is waisted because I haven’t had a period. It’s hard to stay positive about it, when I know so many people with infertility problems.

   But anyways, sorry I have been out of touch, I’ve had a lot going on, and aslo, I kinds felt like I was blogging out of my ass in past entries because I was spewing out all of this knowledge without having any experience, I don’t know about you, but I hate when people act like they know what they are talking about, and truthfully, they’re just full of crap. So thanks for reading and not telling me that I don’t know what I’m talking about, ha!

Tata for now!
  Lizy ♡


Finally Have a Push to Take Care of Myself

I’d like to say that I’ve always taken care of myself, went to the doctor when I needed to, exercise regularly, and eat well. But I can’t, and really, I don’t know anyone who can. I’m not thin by any means, I’m considered over weight to assholes and professionals alike, but that doesn’t change anything. I am who I am. And telling me that I’m over weight isn’t going to fix anything, trust me, if it were that easy no one would be over weight.

Now that I know that I will soon have a growing life inside of me, that I will have a living human inside of my body, feeding off of me and knowing that anything I put in or on my body goes straight to the baby, all I want to do is eat healthy (not diet, eff that, this girl doesn’t like to be hungry) and moderately exercise. I chug water like I’m dehydrated, and I don’t even think there is urine in my urine, haha. All I think about when I eat is that I need to get healthy for our future baby. Plus there are things that I am trying to give up now that I will need to give up when the time comes. I don’t really like soda or sugary drinks, so that’s not a big deal. But I do love my coffee, and I love to drink and get drunk. My husband and I just quit smoking a couple months ago, not for baby plans, it was just time, but we still enjoy hookah every weekend, and any kind of smoke is not good for your baby, so there’s just a few things right there.

I plan healthy meals, I make sure i eat breakfast, nothing big, fruit and maybe some eggs or half a bagel. I have lunch, which could range from Top Roman to salad, but generally healthy. I have a light snack, a granola bar, or some nuts. Then dinner, and something sweet. Nothing big, nothing too unhealthy. I mean not that Top Roman is super healthy, but it’s better than fast food or something of the like. I hardly drink soda or Kool-Aid, I drink water all day from a huge mason jar, and then with dinner I’ll have juice or soda. I feel better about it, I still avoid the scale like the plague, but I don’t need numbers, I can feel the difference.

I would like to go to the doctor in August so that I can make sure that my body is healthy enough to have a baby, and I want to make sure that I am up to date with vaccines, and such. I’m so ready to prepare for a baby, I want to be as healthy as I can when I’m pregnant. I know that that is easier said than done, especially with cravings and things, and I truly won’t know till I get there, but for now I will hope and prepare, and I am a strong person, and I believe that if I push, and keep future Baby H in mind, I can sure as hell try. That’s all for now. I feel so crazy that we aren’t even going to be trying to conceive until September, even though I will be a FTM, I feel like I’m over planning, and that I sound like I’m talking out of my ass. Please, please, please tell me otherwise! I surely need it! I feel nuts and I’m not even close to pregnant yet.

Until next time,



Deciding To Conceive

My husband and I have been married for about a year and a half, and we’ve been together for three years. After wanting a baby from the moment we got married, my husband decided that he was ready. We both decided that we want at least one before he gets out of the military. I was so excited, it probably took me a week to realize that my husband actually wanted to create a life with me. Every time someone brought up babies, he was so adamant about not having a baby for a long time, I really thought that it was never going to happen. I know, I know, I’m young, we have our whole lives ahead of us, blah blah blah, I don’t need your input, k, thanks :).

So we decided that we would start trying in September, because hubs wants a summer baby. It took me a couple weeks to decide to even tell anyone, because I was waiting for it to come crashing down, I was waiting for him to change his mind, even though I was Pinning baby stuff like I was already pregnant, and I pretty much still am. I have a whole list on Amazon of baby things I want. They’re just ideas for when the actual buying time comes. I swear I feel insane sometimes, and then I have to remind myself that I’m going to be a FTM (fist time mom) and that even though I feel crazy, I’m not. Well, at least not for the early planning, haha.

There’s so many things I’ve thought about! Cloth diapers, breast feeding, co-sleeping, how to tell my father-in-law who doesn’t want to be a grandpa till he’s fifty, which isn’t for a while, and i think it’s our biggest pregnancy worry. We even have a list of names. It may be early, but I’m a FTM, damn it! And I’ll be damned if I don’t prove everyone wrong about whether we’re ready and capable or not!


I’m trying to toughen up for when the time comes for the pelting of asshole comments that I know will come our way once we do get pregnant. But oh I can’t wait, we talk about it, and I love that my husband gets in on the excitement, it makes me even more excited to see his excitement. So i guess my blog will be about me preparing, physically, mentally, and my home for a little Hunter baby.

More to come,